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Why Join Us?

Membership Information

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Florida Chapter 5 is a group of American Citizens - Veterans and non-Veterans - that have a strong belief that there are still several unresolved Prisoner of War (POW) and Missing In Action (MIA) cases from all past wars that need to be fully investigated, especially Vietnam. We are NOT a Motorcycle Club!.

How do I become a Member of Rolling Thunder®?
To become a member of Rolling Thunder®, all we ask is that you believe in our POW and MIA mission and support our War-Fighters and Veterans. You don’t have to be a Veteran or Ride a Motorcycle.

How much are the membership dues?
The membership dues to join a Rolling Thunder® Chapter is $40.00 per year.


When and Where Does Rolling Thunder® Florida 5 meet?
When: The Chapter meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm. 
Where: The Chapter meetings are held at the VFW  Naples located at  800 Neffs Way Naples, FL

Meetings are subject to change, so monitor our Calendar/Facebook posts for changes.

Where can I get a Membership Application?

Contact Rich Fabsits 


The Chapter is very active with our POW/MIA mission and I hope that you will consider attending one of our Chapter meetings and become a member.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Rich Fabsits             

or our president Michael O'Connor.

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